Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Starting Out

I've always loved photography, but only really got into it once the digital age was firmly established ... no way I could've afforded it prior to that!

I've taken a handful of short online courses on photography through the College of the Rockies ... they were ok, and I definitely learned stuff ... but the biggest thing I learned was that I wanted MORE! Now I'm into a Complete Professional Photographer course offered by the New York Institute of Photography. The course is pretty intense but I can go at my own pace (home study), so should be fine. Unit 1 of six almost complete ...

In my 40-somethings, I'm undergoing a career change after over 25 years in various aspects of the tourism/travel industry. Life sort of forced the change on me (long story), I had no intention of switching callings until about a month ago ... but since it's happened, I'm actually RELIEVED! I didn't realize I wasn't happy in what I was doing, until I knew it was over ...

Scary? Yes! Scared? Yes! Exciting/excited? YES, VERY EXCITED! And having SO much fun in the learning process!

I love taking photo's of pets, landscapes, wildlife, people enjoying sports ... not even a slight inkling towards something as stressful as weddings ... but with so much still to learn, I'm not sure what direction, if anything specific, my photographic career will take!

Oh yes, I live in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada, (aka Paradise), with my incredibly supportive husband Paul, and our treasured toller-dog, Taela.

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