Thursday, September 1, 2016

You Can't Beat This Commute!

I realized this week that I have the best commute in the world:

It takes about 10 minutes each way.

There are 2 stop signs on the way to work ... and none on the way home! That's it!

About half the drive is at 50kph, and the rest is at 80kph, so rarely any speed demons to deal with. Aside from the weekend warriors (and a handful of local yahoos), that is, and loaded logging trucks that no-one's going to argue with, anyway!

For your photo this week, I spotted this newly baled field on my way home from work on Tuesday afternoon, pulled a U-ey to go back and get the shot. I knew rain was forecast, so the bales wouldn't be there the next time I drove by!

On the physical side, my feet are much happier this week! By Tuesday evening (my Friday) my entire body was aching terribly, but waking up on Wednesday morning, I was almost pain-free! There's hope for me yet!

I can feel that I'm getting stronger all the time, that my endurance is improving, and hope to be shopping for a few more pairs of work trousers soon (to replace the single pair I have right now, that are starting to break down with the abuse!) ... if only this excess baggage would start dropping off in earnest!

And yes, I know, you're waiting to meet the horses ... I promise, as soon as I get the opportunity, I'll get them posted for you!  :D

Keep your weight in your heels!

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