Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Ok, ok, that's not its real name. We were supposed to stop at Karrat Fiord, but the wind and current were still against us, so we stopped at Whatchamacallit ... at least, that's what our Expedition Leader, Brad, called it! In reality, its name is Midtlorfik (Mitdlorfik?) ... couldn't find it on Google Maps, or on the Greenland Tourism website, so the marker here is an approximation:

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The sun was shining, but it was windy, which made the zodiac trip a bit miserable. But the time ashore made it all worth it! The beach was of large rounded pebbles, a tricky crossing, then directly onto deep peat.

The going was very wet in places, and you really had to watch your step as there were deep gaps between the "high and (relatively) dry" parts of the peat, and knee/thigh deep gullies with ankle-deep muck waiting to suck a boot off!

I think everyone was need a bit of space as the entire party just scattered! It was a pleasant stop. I got obsessed with photographing the Arctic cotton (cotton grass) ... as you'll see ...

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