Sunday, August 31, 2014

Forging In The Rockies 2014

I missed this event last year, so was determined to get to it in 2014! And determination is what it took - but it was very much worth the effort!

It took about an hour to get there, about 20 minutes of highway driving, then almost 30km on forestry roads - sometimes rough, sometimes not so much - I was very grateful for my beloved Subaru's awd even though he doesn't have huge clearance!

View from the Cabins towards the Lake - click to enlarge
But then we arrived at the Cabins at Whitetail, a gorgeous lakeside destination that offers both camping and cabin accommodations along with year round back-country guiding services, set beside a crystal-clear lake surrounded by mountains, and knew it was time well spent!

The Forging in the Rockies event is an annual get-together of farriers from all over the region who have a hot-shoe contest. I've been involved with horses for years but have never actually witnessed hot-shoeing before - including the actual creation of the horse shoes from a blank piece of steel!

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I was delighted to see both women and men participating:

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Not everyone was intrigued by the proceedings:

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After the morning's excitement, we sat on the dock of the bay to enjoy our delicious lunch of smokies hot off the barbecue:

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Even if you're not horse-oriented, this friendly, down-to-earth event is definitely something you should visit if you get the chance! I was assured by the organizers that hot-shoeing is not a dying art - in fact, it seems to be a growing industry - but it's definitely not something you you have the opportunity to witness every day!

Here's the link to the whole gallery: Forging in the Rockies 2014

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