Saturday, June 16, 2012

Branch Out Bike Tour 2012

My first summer sporting event of 2012! It was great to get outside for a couple of hours, although I have to admit that the sunny warm weather that was forecast would've been nice, instead of the overcast, chilly stuff we got instead! I suppose we should just be grateful that it didn't rain.

The bike tour was a Branch Out Foundation event - the group raises funds for research of natural and holistic therapies for neurological disorders in hopes of finding a cure for the various complications of the nervous system.

This was a 100km bike tour - and a pretty serious way to kick off the road cycling season when you look at the hills (most people call them mountains!) involved - from Panorama Resort down to Invermere, along the valley highway to Fairmont Hot Springs, back to Invermere via Westside Road, then back up to Panorama! 
The Only Tandem In The Tour - Sweet!
As you can tell, there was a lot of fun to be had, along with the serious side of the event!

I situated myself between Panorama and Invermere in the hope to getting photos of all the participants while they were still having fun on the mostly-downhill portions, and before they started running out of gas when the serious uphill sections (that I know from experience exist around here) commenced the butt-kicking!

Cycling events like this are tough to photograph because of the way people bunch up - I know I missed a few people, but I got most, I think!

I've just started processing the photos and they'll be posted in my smugmug gallery as they're done, so check it out!

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  1. I love this shot! They are having so much fun : ) Great capture!

  2. Don't forget that 20% from every sale of prints and products on or before July 31, 2012, will be donate to the Branch Out Foundation! Thank you!