Saturday, September 3, 2011

Doing My Own Photography

I feel like I haven't been doing much work lately ... I've been spending a lot of time online, and studying, and I've been doing quite a bit of assisting, but not much actually taking photo's of my own.

There have been a couple of opportunities, though.

A few days ago, there was some really dramatic light over Mount Nelson - I captured this view from our deck:

And this is an hdr attempt from yesterday. It was taken at one of the viewpoints overlooking the Columbia Valley, just south of Radium Hot Springs. I was trying to capture the late summer colours ... and the dusting of new snow on the peaks. I quite like it - what do you think?

This weekend is the last weekend of mountain biking at Panorama Resort, so I'll be heading up there for a couple of hours of what will hopefully be action shooting later today. I just hope that the mercury rises a bit - the day started at 1.4C!


  1. Ciao Tanya OTTIME!!!!
    Great composition light and colours!
    Did you use a polarizer or neutral density filter?
    have a lovely weekend

  2. Thank you, Matteo! No, I didn't use either ND or Polarizer for these shots. The Mt Nelson shot is a regular single-shot, and the valley image is HDR - my second attempt! I'm pleased with it!

  3. I love these shots. In fact I really enjoy your blog : )

    I chose you for The Stylish Blogger Award. Congrats! You can receive the award here Hope Faith & Life. I also wrote a description as to why I chose you. Not sure if you post awards, but you received one : ) Enjoy!

  4. Oh, Karen! Thank you! That means a lot! Honestly I never thought that I had any "style" at all ... I still feel like I just point, and shoot what I like! I'm grateful that there are a few people out there who like what I do! Thank you, again, so sweet of you!

  5. I like the first one a lot, Tanya. It reminds me of Alaska.....

  6. Thanks, Mary! Alaska's on my bucket list ...

  7. Hahaha you definitely have a good style going here. It's fun from NYIP, I've seen us all gravitate toward our own look- subjects, color processing, etc. What stands out to me in your work is the colors and the way you use vertical shots. I usually think horizontal, so it's a treat to see how you do your photos : ) The award is just a little graphic to put on your site if you like. I like seeing Canada as well- haven't been very far there. You got style!!!