Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some Days ...

... the photography gods favour you!

This morning at dawn, I headed to the Callaghan Valley, hoping to catch a few bears before they turn in for their winter sleep. I saw three bears. The first two were really skittish and disappeared almost as soon as I saw them. But the third was very obliging and hung around so that I could get some pretty good shots:

While in the Callaghan, one gets a lovely view of Black Tusk, just as the sun is coming up:

On the way home, I glimpsed some rowers on Alta Lake, so got ahead of them and pulled into Rainbow Park to take advantage of the photo op:

While at the park, some Canada geese were grazing at the water's edge, with the fog hanging over Alta Lake, and the mountains towering above:

And just as I turned to leave, the fog started lifting and a dawn ray illuminated it in front of the dark massif of Whistler Mountain:

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